№2, 2020


Rashid G. Alakbarov, Mammad A. Hashimov

The article discusses the security issues of cloud-based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, which are widely used in monitoring and management of the oil and gas industry. Since the traditional SCADA systems are very expensive, inflexible, and difficult to scale, numerous problems related to data collection, transmission and processing occur. The migration of SCADA system applications to the cloud environment allows for cost reduction, improved scalability, efficient system management, increased reliability, and solution of resource related problems. The article highlights the existing vulnerabilities that could hinder the security of cloud-based SCADA systems. Implementing security measures and risk assessment in cloud-based SCADA systems is a topical issue. In this regard, security problems and risks in the use of cloud-based SCADA systems are analyzed and recommendations are provided to solve them to some extent (pp.3-12).

Keywords: Oil and gas industry, cloud-based SCADA systems, cloud computing, cloud services, cloud models, security.
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