№1, 2020


Alexandr V. Astafiev, Alexey A. Orlov, Denis G. Privezentsev

The article considers the relevance of the modernization of the methods and algorithms of nondestructive testing at industrial enterprises. It describes a practical problem solved by the developed technology - identification of products in stochastic motion on the example of Vyksa metallurgical plant (pipe-electric welding shop No. 3). Popular modern technologies for the organization of nondestructive control in the control systems of movement of industrial production are explored. The article proposes an approach of multi-code labeling of transported products to reduce the number of redundant manipulations for turning the identifier into the reading sensor. The definition of multi-code labeling is given. Classical methods of the integrity control and their practical application, as well as the possibility of their use for the generation of multi-code labeling are considered. The article analyzes the checksum method for creating multi-code labeling and develops an algorithm for their generation. The proposed approach will allow to organize the automatic control of the movement of industrial products without the introduction of additional stages of the production process aimed at positioning products relative to the sensor, as well as to obtain additional statistical data for the modernization of the tracking process (pp.22-27).

Keywords: positioning, RTLS-systems, radio frequency identification, RFID, technical vision, multi-code labeling, movement control systems.
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