№2, 2020


Rashid G. Alakbarov, Arzu Sh. Hasanli

The article explores the concept of serverless computing technology (FaaS) which is the latest trend in cloud computing technology. Initially, information is given regarding the widespread utilization of cloud technologies and the demand for these services is analyzed. Users participate directly in the solution of many issues (selection of virtual machines according to their technical capabilities, launching the operating system, balanced resource allocation, etc.) when working with computing cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). The implementation of serverless computing services to overcome these particular deficiencies is described as a topical issue.  The article also compares serverless and server-based architectures, explores platforms that offer serverless computing services, and various programming languages supported by them. The benefits and drawbacks of FaaS services are demonstrated thoroughly (pp.72-79).

Keywords: Serverless Computing Technologies, Cloud Technologies, FaaS, Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Services, Computing Clouds.
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