№1, 2024


Farid Hagverdiyev

This article examines the role of Big Data Analytics and Data Governance in the gaming industry. It shows how Big Data Analytics has changed game design and player interaction, focusing on trends and player preferences, especially in free-to-play games. The importance of Data Governance is stressed for handling data responsibly, focusing on challenges like data quality, security, and legal rules like GDPR. Examples from Ubisoft, SEGA, and Kolibri Games show these concepts in action. Metavibes is another example of research in field of Data Governance. The article also looks at how the gaming industry is dealing with data issues, including using strong policies and better security. It predicts future trends in AI and blockchain in gaming. The piece highlights the need for ethical practices, like protecting player privacy, as key for trust in the industry. The article points out the vital impact of these technologies in advancing and growing the gaming world (pp.44-51).

Keywords: Big Data Analytics, Gaming Industry, Data Governance, Player Experience, Real-Time Analytics