№1, 2020


Kamran E. Jafarzade

The article reviews the architecture of the eSIM technology, the main types of communication profiles and their role in subscription manager SM-DP and SM-SR. It also offers an analysis of the profile switching algorithm used in eSIM technology. At present, the traditional SIM has enough vulnerabilities in terms of reliability and safety of use. The lack of remote control and the low level of security when storing operator credentials give reason to think about solving these problems using the new technology for virtualizing SIM cards. As a result of the study, it is also found that there are further prospects for introducing eSIM technology into the mobile device market and fully replacing its predecessor (pp.123-128).

Keywords: eSIM, embedded SIM, eUICC, subscription manager, profile, MNO, SM-DP, SM-SR, QR code.
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