№1, 2020


Mihail I. Kuryachiy, Vyacheslav V. Kapustin, Alexander S. Popov

In digital terrestrial TV broadcasting is necessary to periodically monitor the quality of the digital signal in monitoring systems for digital television transmitters. Research in this area signals the following fact. During the normal operation of the transmitter, its MER should not fall below 35 dBm / µV. However, there are cases when, at the nominal MER level, there is no television image. This is due to GPS desynchronization of the reference signal of the transmitter, and it directly affects the final image on the television receiver. To establish this fact, it is necessary to analyze the image of the star chart of the OFDM signal. The proposed method allows to assess the level of noise immunity based on the images of the constellations COFDM. This method can be used to assess the quality of the final television image in the digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (pp.34-40).

Keywords: DVB-T2, DTV, noise immunity, MER, BER.
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