№1, 2020


Ekaterina V. Zaytseva, Mihail I. Kuryachiy, Vyacheslav V. Kapustin

Technical vision systems are becoming more widespread, capable of effectively solving the problems of searching, detecting and recognizing interest objects in difficult visibility conditions (fog, haze, dust, snowfall, etc.) at present, in science and technology. The main advantages of active-pulse television measurement systems include the elimination of backscatter interference and the significant reduction in light interference of natural and artificial nature. This paper presents the dependences of calculating the basic photoelectric characteristics of active-pulse television measuring systems and the results of estimating the distance to the objects of observation depending on the conditions of the propagation medium. The analysis of the photoelectric characteristics is performed for the sensors on two types of photoelectric converters: CCD and CMOS. A comparative analysis of the dark current in CCD and CMOS matrices is carried out. Based on the results of the analysis and the presented dependencies, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are given for choosing a sensor for active-pulse television measuring systems (pp.28-33).

Keywords: illumination, brightness, CMOS-matrix, electron-optical converter.
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