№2, 2011


Huseyninijadgazani S.M.

An Ad Hoc Wireless Network (AWN) is a collection of mobile hosts forming a temporary network on-the-fly without using any fixed infrastructure. These hosts are connected together in wireless mode. For there are no access point and infrastructure in these networks, so, AWNs could be developed quickly. Characteristics of AWNs such as lack of central coordination, mobility of hosts, dynamically varying network topology, and limited availability of resources make QoS provisioning very challenging in such networks. In this paper, we describe the issues and challenges in providing QoS for AWNs and review some of solutions and factors that are necessary to support QoS in AWNs. (p. 91-97) 

Keywords: Quality of Service (QoS), wireless ad hoc networks, QoS problems, QoS methods, QoS components.
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