№2, 2019


Rani Purbaningtyas, Arif Arizal, Muhammad Sholehuddin

Sidoarjo on Hands (SoH) is an android-based mobile application that can ease the public of Sidoarjo to get information about the potential area in Sidoarjo. SoH has gone through two stages of systems development. The deficiencies found in the earlier version include still not presenting information on the mileage of the current user site to potential desired areas that to land on. At the same time, the user also wants information about the route. The user must take this route if they would like to go to the potential area. This research tries to apply the Haversine formula as a method of estimation of the calculation of the distance between user’s current location and the potential intended areas of SoH. Next, through Google Maps Library, the user will get information about the route. By applying the Haversine formula as a support system to offer the intended areas of potential recommendations, the SoH system may have better performance so that it is able to meet the needs of users of SoH itself (pp.70-76).

Keywords: Regional Leading Potential, Sidoarjo on Hands, Apriori Algorithm, Haversine Formula, Google Maps Library.
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