№1, 2021


Rashid G. Alakbarov

The paper analyzes the issues (resource shortage and energy consumption) that require large computing and memory resources on mobile devices. The use of mobile cloud computing technologies is proposed to overcome these problems. Various architectural and technological principles of mobile clouds are analyzed and their advantages are shown. Models, services, features and advantages of clouds computing are demonstrated. The current state, opportunities, problems and solutions of mobile cloud computing are discussed, suggestions and recommendations are made to eliminate these problems. Also, security and privacy issues in mobile cloud computing are analyzed. Mobile users are offered to use cloudlet-based mobile cloud computing, which allows them solving problems that require large computing resources. Moreover, the architectural-technological principles of hierarchically structured cloudlet-based mobile cloud computing are developed and its advantages are shown. The paper presents that the proposed model meets the requirements of mobile devices for computing and memory resources, increases the capacity of communication channels in the network, eliminates delays and ensures security (pp.15-32).

Keywords: mobile computing, cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, computing and memory resources, power consumption, cloudlet, pocket cloudlet, security.
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