№1, 2016


Ramiz M. Alıguliyev, Yadigar N. Imamverdiyev , Fargana J. Abdullayeva

The increase in the volume of data generated in oil and gas industry has led to serious problems in this sector. In this paper, the challenges posed by big data in oil and gas industry, current state of implementation of big data analytics in this sphere are analyzed. The platforms of Big data analytics produced by large organizations for oil and gas industry and the experience of the largest oil and gas companies of the world in big data analytics are studied. Big data analysis techniques and the goals of using cloud computing for big data analytics are analyzed. Suggestions and recommendations for the realization of big data analytics as Analytics-as-a-Service in the oil and gas industry are given. (pp. 9-22)

Keywords: Big data analytics, OLAP, cloud computing, Analytics-as-a-Service, oil and gas exploration and production, Hadoop, MapReduce, data science
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