№2, 2021


Oktay R. Alakbarov

The recent rapid increase in the number of mobile users using mobile cloud computing (MCC) services, the availability of remote cloud servers, and the overloading of the Internet have led to significant latency in delivering processed data to users. To eliminate resource shortages, energy consumption, and latency in communication channels of mobile devices, the remote cloud servers need to be located close to users. It is offered to use cloudlet-based mobile cloud computing to reduce latency in communication channels and reduce energy consumption on mobile devices. Choosing the most suitable cloudlet to run applications quickly in cloud is still challenging. The article provides a solution to the problem of efficient use of cloudlets resources located adjacent to the base stations of wireless urban networks and close to users. Using the possible values that determine the importance of cloudlets (closeness to user, high reliability, a small number of communication channels, etc.), the conditions for determining the cloud to load the user application are studied and an algorithm is proposed (pp.108-118).

Keywords: cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, computing and memory resources, energy consumption, cloudlet, network latency, communication channels, reliability.
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